ZeroCents   Proudly offered by Broad Band Phone Service

With ZeroCents you don't need high speed internet access to get unlimited long distance anywhere in the United States.  Now anyone can get great rates with VoIP not only do you not need broad band you don't even need to be at a location with internet access.  

ZeroCents gives you 29.99 unlimited calling with great features included such as an online account manager, online phone book and you don't need any special equipment to use your service.

With you access number you can make calls anywhere in the U.S. for $29.99  You do not have to switch phone companies and all you need is a basic dial tone line.  Unlike traditional service you can also take it with you and make calls from anywhere in the US.

Just because you don't have DSL or Cable modem doesn't mean you can't get VoIP rates.  ZeroCents provides Broad Band Phone Service for everyone.

What you get:

No per-minute charges!
No DSL, Cable Modem or Internet Access Required

Call anywhere* in the US & Canada, anytime! 
State-to-state and in-state calling
No switching phone companies!

No setup or cancellation fees
Instant activation
Online Account Manager
No Special Phone or equipment necessary
VoIP Rates with out any limitations!

YES, I would like unlimited long-distance service with no obligation.

* Unlimited long distance within the continental United States and Canada. Residential customers only. Offer is available to new members only. Limit 1 per customer. Please review the Terms of Servicefor further restrictions.