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The best phone services options for Nebraska

The best phone services options for Vermont

Traveling Phone Service from Vonage Broad Band VoIP

Take Vonage With You Wherever You Go

We said we would redefine communications, and we meant it. Whether it's a short trip or a permanent move, you don't have to give up your number just because you're out of area. All you need is Vonage phone service and a broadband Internet connection. When visiting family, going on vacation or traveling for business, you can make and receive calls from one convenient Vonage number. Vonage gives you unparalleled choice and control over where and how you use your phone.

Take it With You

The phone adapter available through Vonage is small and fully portable. Simply unplug the adapter and take it wherever you want it anywhere in the world. Just plug it into any broadband Internet connection, connect a phone, and your Vonage line is ready to go.

Moving and Still Want to Keep Your Number?

No problem, just take your phone adapter with you. Your phone number is programmed into the equipment so you do not have to change a thing.

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