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Ring Lists from Vonage Broad Band VoIP

Vonage Ring Lists

Let Your Virtual or Toll Free Plus Number Ring Multiple Lines

Your Virtual and Toll Free Plus numbers just got even better! Now you can point these numbers to more than one Vonage line, plus choose how these phones answer the calls. Ring Lists give you lots of control over how an incoming call is answered. There are three kinds of Ring Properties that you can set or change at will through your web account:

* Sequential Dialing
* Random Dialing
* BlastMeSM

Sequential Dialing

With Sequential Dialing, your Virtual Number will ring each number you specify in the exact order of your Ring List. If a number on the Ring List is in use, the next number on the list will be dialed immediately.

Example: You've given an important person your Virtual Number and you don't want to ever miss their call. You can add up to 10 Vonage numbers into your Ring List and this one Virtual Number will ring the 10 lines in the order you specify until we reach you. So even when you're busy, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with contingency backup.
Random Dialing

Random Dialing rings every number in your Ring List in random order until your caller connects to you.

Example: Sometimes it's not pragmatic to have all your calls point to one phone number in the same sequence. The person at the top of the Ring List might get too many calls, while those at the bottom could get too few. Random dialing mixes up where the calls point by randomizing the order of your Ring List.

BlastMeSM is a customer favorite. BlastMeSM rings all the numbers in your Ring List simultaneously. The call will connect to the first phone that's picked up.

Example: Your family is expecting a baby any day now. You absolutely don't want to miss that call, so you use BlastMeSM to ring all your lines at once. Then you can pick up whichever one is nearest and be on your way.
How It Works

Ring Lists are available to every Vonage customer absolutely free as an added enhancement to their account. Remember that to create a Ring List, you must have a Virtual or Toll Free Plus number and at least two physical Vonage lines in the same account.

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