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Repeat Dialing from Vonage Broad Band VoIP

We'll Keep Dialing So You Don't Have To.

Don't Waste Time With Busy Numbers

Don't you hate dialing a busy number over and over again? Vonage Repeat Dialing can call back for you when the number you're trying is busy.

Activating Repeat Dialing is easy and will last for 30 minutes. When you hear a busy signal:

  1. Press #5

  2. Hang up when you hear a beep tone.

Vonage will ring you back when the phone number you're trying to reach is not busy anymore. Pick up the phone and you'll be connected.

Continue To Use Your Vonage Service While Repeat Dialing Is Working

You can continue to use your Vonage number until your call back is connected. Vonage will connect your call when both you and your party are available.

There's No Cost To You

Most phone companies charge you extra for Repeat Dialing. Vonage doesn't think you should be charged just to avoid the frustration of getting busy signals. So Repeat Dialing is included at no additional cost to you in every Vonage monthly calling plan.

Note: Some telecommunication carriers are not yet compatible with Vonage Repeat Dialing. In these rare cases, Repeat Dialing may not be activated when you press #5.

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