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Click2Call from Vonage Broad Band VoIP


You Click and We'll Do the Calling

Click-2-CallSM Saves You Time

With Vonage Click-2-CallSM, you select a phone number from anywhere on your computer and we dial it instantly. Click-2-CallSM rings your Vonage number first. When you pick up your phone, it then rings the number you picked to dial. You will be able to ring any number, in any location, on any device, without even dialing the number.

Click-2-CallSM Saves You Time

Let's say you have to call all the parents on your son's sports team. With Click-2-CallSM, just highlight the list of numbers and it will transfer the numbers to a drop-down list. You can then click each number to dial it, saving you time and effort.

Never Misdial Again

Because Click-2-CallSM is integrated with your contact list, such as Microsoft Outlook, you only need to keep one list. This user-friendly feature works with any application on your computer. You simply choose the number you want to call, and Click-2-CallSM dials for you. This feature also installs a button onto your Microsoft Outlook interface that can be used to place calls to the contacts straight from your address book.

Another Great Free Feature From Vonage

Download Click-2-CallSM for Free! It works with Windows 98 or Higher. Not currently available for Mac users. Remember that you are making outgoing calls through your Vonage account. Therefore, if you are not enrolled in one of our unlimited plans, overage charges apply to forwarded calls that exceed your calling plan's monthly allotted minutes, and international calls are billed at our great low rates.

Important Note: Microsoft Outlook and all associated trademarks are owned by Microsoft, Inc.

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