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Call Waiting From Vonage Broad Band Phone Service

Never Miss An Important Phone Call, Ever Again

Vonage Call Waiting allows you to accept an incoming call while you're already on a phone call. This feature places your first call on hold while you answer the second incoming call.

Switching Between Calls Is Easy

While you're on the phone, a beep tone alerts you to another incoming call. If available, the new phone number also displays on your Caller ID device. If you want to take the call, press the flash button or switch hook on your phone to answer the second incoming call. Calls that you do not answer go to voicemail.

Disable Call Waiting Two Easy Ways

Use your Vonage online web account to activate/ deactivate Call Waiting for all calls. If you want to keep Call Waiting active but want to turn it off for a single call, just press *70 before you dial the number. Call Waiting will be temporarily disabled until you complete the phone call.

Call Waiting Is Free With Your Vonage Service

Call Waiting is included in our low monthly Vonage calling plan fee

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