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Call Transfer from Vonage Broad Band VoIP

Transfer a Call Anywhere At the Push of a Button.

Vonage Call Transfer allows you to direct calls to anywhere you want in the United States and Canada. After you answer a call, you may have your call transferred to a phone number of your choosing. For example, your cell phone, your office phone or to any phone number in the United States and Canada. Your calls are transferred immediately.

Transfer Calls As You Receive Them

Vonage Call Transfer also allows you to transfer calls as they ring in. Now you can transfer a call to someone else when you want.

How To Transfer Calls

It's easy to transfer a call to a third party.

  1. Just press the flash button or switch hook on your Vonage line telephone.
  2. Dial #90.
  3. Dial the phone number where you want the call transferred. Then hit #.
  4. Hang up the phone and the transfer will take place.

Another Included Vonage Feature

There is no additional cost to transfer a call with your Vonage phone service. It is included in your monthly Vonage calling plan. This means that all calls under our unlimited plans will be free, and for our rated plans, calls will count towards your included monthly minutes.


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