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Call Return from Vonage Broad Band VoIP

Missed That Call Ring Them Back Easily.

Automatic Call Return

Have you ever had to run to catch a phone call and then missed it anyway? Vonage Call Return, also known as *69, returns your last incoming call automatically. Just dial *69 and your Vonage service will dial back the last call made to you. So relax, and stop running. Call Return service costs nothing extra. Now you can get your exercise on your own terms.

No Extra Charges For *69

With Vonage, there are no extra charges to use the Call Return feature. However, remember that returned calls are treated as an outgoing call. Therefore, if you are not enrolled in one of our unlimited plans, overage charges apply to returned calls that exceed your calling plan's monthly allotted minutes.

Returning The Call Is Up To You

Vonage Call Return Service is very user friendly. When you press *69 a voice prompt will announce the return call number, date and time of the call. The voice prompt will also ask you if you wish to return the call.


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