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Call Hunt Service from Vonage Broad Band VoIP

Call Hunt Keeps the Conversation
Moving Forward

Important Calls Deserve That Personal Touch

You never know when that important call might come in. If you have multiple Vonage phone numbers on the same account Vonage Call Hunt rings your other line(s) when you're talking on the phone. Call Hunt immediately rings the caller to another phone number in your account. Whether you have 2 lines or 10, you can pick the ring sequence in any order you would like.
Easy Call Hunt Management

Setting up Vonage Call Hunt is simple.

1. Login to your Vonage Web Account.
2. Click on the "Features" tab on the Dashboard.
3. Click on the "Call Hunt" option.
4. Select any or all of the physical lines in your Web Account to include in your Call Hunt ring sequence.
5. Choose the ring sequence for your numbers that best fits your needs.

You can deactivate, change the ring sequence, or select other lines for Call Hunt at any time.

Vonage Call Hunt will even ring other Vonage lines around the globe. Bring your Vonage phone adapter on an overseas trip. No matter where you are, you will always be available to take the call.  The Technology Takes Service to a Higher Level.  Our Call Hunt feature is included in your monthly calling plan. All you need is a Vonage account with multiple lines.

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