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Call Forwarding From Vonage Broad Band Phone Service

Now Your Important Calls Can Follow You To Any Number Your Want

Vonage Call Forwarding is now available to ring up to 6 numbers. You can send incoming calls to any phone number you choose in the US and Canada. And even with this advanced functionality, it's still included with every Vonage calling plan.

You're in Control

With the click of your mouse you can determine how you want your Call Forwarding configured. Control the number of times your Vonage phone rings before forwarding to another number. Control how long Call Forwarding attempts to ring a destination number. Control which voicemail picks up the forwarded call if you have more than one voicemail system. And now you can control how many numbers you would like to ring, all from your Web Account.

With SimulRingSM We Can Reach You Anywhere

Activate Vonage SimulRingSM and your incoming calls can ring your Vonage number plus up to 5 other numbers in the US and Canada regardless of phone service provider. Since the numbers ring simultaneously, you can ensure that you are answering your important calls as quickly as possible even if you're on the move.

No Extra Charges For Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding and SimulRingSM are both free with all Vonage accounts. However, remember that forwarded calls are treated as an outgoing call. Therefore, if you are not enrolled in one of our unlimited plans, overage charges apply to forwarded calls that exceed your calling plan's monthly allotted minutes.

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