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Caller ID Block from Vonage Broad Band VoIP

Protect Your Privacy

Hide Your Caller ID Information from Anyone You Call.

Caller ID Block, also known as *67, allows you to block your identity when you're making a phone call. This feature is always off until you activate it. You activate this feature before you begin dialing.


Activate Caller ID Block on a per call basis

You can activate Caller ID Block any time you make an outgoing call.

  1. Pick up your handset.

  2. Listen for the dial tone and press *67.

  3. Wait for the dial tone and dial the number you are calling.

Protect Your Privacy

Caller ID Block allows you to make discreet calls. If the party you are trying to reach has Caller ID, your number will not appear on their Caller ID-enabled phone or device.

Caller ID Block Is Free

Like so many other Vonage value added services, Vonage Caller ID Block (*67) is included with every Vonage monthly calling plan.

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