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Three Way Calling From Vonage Broad Band Phone Service

3-Way Calling Anywhere on Earth

With Vonage 3-Way Calling, you can connect with two other parties at the same time. The three of you can talk at once.

Setting up a 3-Way Call is simple.

  1. Dial your first party as you normally would.

  2. Once connected, press the Flash Button or Switch Hook on your phone and dial the second party.

  3. After the second party is connected, press the Flash Button or Switch Hook again, and you're all connected.

You won't be charged a fee to make 3-Way Calls if you are calling within the US and Canada. If you are calling Internationally, your call will be billed incrementally based on that country rate, but there will be no extra fee for making the 3-Way Call. See our International Rates

For billing purposes, we treat a 3-Way Call as two separate calls that happen at the same time.

Now Vonage proves that 3-Way Calling doesn't have to be complicated or cost extra money. It's just one of the many reasons to be a Vonage customer.

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