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SunRocket VoIP Broadband Telephone has no gotcha's

SunRocket Broadband Phone Service 

With SunRocket VoIP Internet Telephone Service you can save money, get great customer service, receive exceptional call quality and you even get a ton of free features.  Packed with everything you need automatically included in the Bottom-Line Price. With either the Monthly or Annual Edition, you get all-inclusive service without having to worry about all those extra fees.  

It's amazingly easy to use SunRocket! After you connect any touchtone phone to your SunRocket gizmo, make and receive calls to any phone in the world, just like you do with a traditional phone. Your SunRocket phone also uses regular phone numbers, which you can even choose when you sign up. If you have a high-speed Internet connection (cable or DSL), you can get started right away!

SunRocket VoIP Phone Services comes with:

Unlimited Broadband Calling - Call anywhere, anytime within the 50 U.S. States and Canada, talk as much as you want.Sign Up for Sunrocket Broadband Telephone and get Free Cordless Phones

  • Free international minutes ($3.00 allowance every month) - If you frequently call abroad, you'll save. If you typically don't call abroad you won't be shocked by your next bill if you need to dial overseas.

  • Free extra phone number - A second phone number is included.. Choose a Local or a Number Anywhere Check Availability for area code options.

  • Over 10 built-in calling features - Features are automatically included. You don't pay any extra monthly fees.

  • Two free Directory Assistance calls each month - Tracking down a phone number is much easier when you aren't worried about extra fees. Two calls are already included. Additional calls are just $.79 each

  • All the necessary equipment to get started - Your SunRocket starter kit comes ready to go at no extra cost. Even shipping is free.

  • No charge to activate - There is no charge to activate a SunRocket account. Getting started couldn't be easier.

  • No hidden fees - Any cost associated with SunRocket service is revealed upfront. You won't be surprised by your bill.

  • Taxes included in the Bottom-Line Price - The SunRocket price always includes all related taxes and fees

Get a full year for only 199

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