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Lingo Broad Band Telephone Service

Lingo The Talk of BroadbandWith Lingo's unlimited plan (by Primus), you'll have everything you're used to with your current home phone system and a lot more. There's nothing to miss except for your large monthly phone bill. Sign up today and get one month free! With five different options you get the plan that will fit your needs vs. the plan you have to settle for.



Lingo Unlimited $21.95 includes unlimited calling to USA, Canada & some Western Europe countries. Plus, all the popular features.

Lingo Basic $14.95 includes 500 minutes long distance to USA, Canada & some West Europe countries. Plus, all the popular features.
Lingo Link $7.95 includes free unlimited member-to-member calling, free incoming calls and 3 cent per minute calling (out of VoIP service plan). Features include: Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 411, Voicemail and more.



Click Here for Full Information about all of Lingo's Options and Plans.


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For home service click here   and for   business service click here.

Lingo Broad Band Phone Service is provided by Primus


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