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iConnect Here VoIP Broadband Phone Features

get great broadband phone features from iconnecthereUnlimited In-Network Calling - iConnectHere Unlimited In-Network Calling allows you to call any other iConnectHere customer without charge. Simply dial that customerís iConnectHere telephone number as you would a regular call to use 

Unlimited In-Network Calling - Low Rates for additional calls to any destination worldwide - Use your Account Balance to make out-of-plan calls based on our extremely low rates. All new customers start with $5 in their Account Balance for FREE to make out-of-plan calls. You can add more money to your Account Balance at any time.

Broadband Phone Adapter - iConnectHere Broadband Phone Adapter is a small hardware device that connects your regular telephone (even a cordless phone) to your broadband Internet connection (through your router). This adapter converts your phone signal from analog to digital so your phone calls can travel over the Internet.

Voicemail from web - iConnectHere Voicemail from the web allows you to listen to your voicemail messages from any Internet connection. You simply log in to the iConnectHere Member Center and follow the Voicemail menu. Your Voicemail will be organized by date and will indicate the phone number of the party that called you.

Voicemail from any phone - iConnectHere Voicemail from phone lets you access your voicemail messages from any telephone. You can change your greeting, listen to messages and delete messages simply by dialing your iConnectHere telephone number and following the voice prompts.

Voicemail notification by email - iConnectHere Voicemail notification from email, when enabled, sends a message to the email account you specify when you get a new voicemail message. Because you can check your Voicemail from any computer with an Internet connection, you can then instantly log into your account and check your voicemail message via the web.

Caller ID - iConnectHere Caller ID enables you to see the phone number of people calling you from any Caller ID-enabled phone. The people you are calling can also see your calling details if they have Caller ID-enabled phones. This feature is only for calls from/to the USA.

3-Way Calling - iConnectHere 3-Way Calling enables you to create a conference call with two other callers. To make a 3-Way Call, you must receive an inbound call, then make an outbound call and conference the two calls together.

Call Waiting - iConnectHere Call Waiting will alert you to an incoming call when you are already on the phone. You can switch between calls by pressing the flash or on/off hook.

Speed Dial - iConnectHere Speed Dial allows you to program up to 10 phone numbers and shortcuts for each of your speed dial numbers so that you can dial your saved numbers with one touch.

Repeat Dial - iConnectHere Repeat Dial enables you to automatically re-dial a busy phone number you have attempted to call.

Do Not Disturb - iConnectHere Do Not Disturb, when activated, forwards all your incoming calls directly to Voicemail.

Call Forwarding - iConnectHere Call Forwarding, when activated, directs your inbound calls directly to another number you specify. You may set this feature to forward calls to any number, worldwide.

Directory Assistance (411) - iConnectHere Directory Assistance will find your desired residential or business listing. Once the listing look-up is completed, you can hang up and dial the telephone number. Additional charges may apply.

Call Forking - iConnectHere Call Forking enables you to receive calls to your iConnectHere phone number at more than one geographical location, simultaneously.

Real-Time Online Account Management - iConnectHere Real-Time Online Account Management allows you to enable and disable features, change calling plans and manage your billing preferences.

Real-Time Online Call Records - iConnectHere Real-Time Online Call Records allow you to instantly view the details of your dialed and received phone calls.

Virtual Calling Card - iConnectHere Virtual Calling Card allows you to use your Account Balance to make calls from toll-free access numbers in 27 countries when you are away from your Broadband Phone.

PC-to-Phone (soft client) - iConnecthere PC-to-Phone enables you to make and receive phone calls directly from your computer after you download and install our PC-to-Phone soft client application. PC-to-Phone calls count towards your Broadband Phone calling plan.

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