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For smart consumers, FonVantage provides you with the stability and reliability you demand. We even back our service with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee!

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To deliver the best value in local and long distance service with lots of free extra features, we’ve built a nationwide MPLS backbone (carrier class network) from the ground up which allows us control of the network your calls use, rather than being at the whim of the Internet like other VoIP providers. Our robust, proprietary voice/data network was designed by our technicians to deliver reliable service with clear, high quality sound, backed by responsive 24/7 customer support. Founded by experienced telecom professionals, we are dedicated to offering an alternative to the high rates and poor service of competitors whom offer more than they deliver. Compare us against "the other guys":

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Our own proprietary network
  • 24/7 customer support
  • e911 emergency service*
  • CLEC certified in all 50 states (we are registered as a local exchange carrier, meaning we have a true ‘line presence’ in most markets).

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Our network features world-class engineering and a Super-POP architecture which minimizes use of the public Internet and places your VoIP calls just one hop away from most major Internet backbone carriers. The Super-POPs, located in Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York, are interconnected with high-capacity fiber links, creating a redundant VoIP Backbone that provides absolute best-case performance for the movement of VoIP calls across the United States. Moreover, our network's architecture and strategy virtually eliminates packet loss, jitter, and latency across the continent and to the PSTN, translating into higher quality calls! Don't know much about VoIP? That's an even better reason to rely on a company who does... FonVantage!

Important information pertaining to your first charge: Your total first month cost is dependent on several items: activation fee, 1st month service fee, applicable fees for number port and/or alternate number addition, shipping and handling and 3% federal excise tax. Your first month fees include: $61.95 Activation for the basic ATA device, $11.95 Shipping and Handling, plus your first month service fee and 3% federal excise tax. (If your request a number port or alternate number, there will be a nominal fee for these services.)

* 911 Disclaimer: Please note that FonVantage Services do not at this time support traditional 911 emergency dialing (whereby calls are automatically routed to an emergency 911 operator with the caller address appearing on the operator's computer). FonVantage does offer limited 911 services, in which Customer 911-dialed calls are routed to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point office (PSAP). Typically these calls are answered by the PSAP and then routed to an emergency operator at that location. However, some PSAP's will not accept calls in this manner. FonVantage advises customer to maintain an alternative means of accessing traditional 911 services such as traditional telephone services or cellular phone services.

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