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Broad Band Phone Service Companies Compared

We constantly strive to add only the best broad band phone providers available today.  Below are our currently recommended providers followed by a summary recommendation of the specific advantages for each provider.  We also suggest before you choose a Broad Band Phone Provider that you read our free online report, Getting the Most from Broadband Phone Service.  You may also want to view our provider specific recommendations toward the bottom of this page.

Packet8 Broad Band Phone

Packet8  - is the future of broad band phone service with outstanding rates such as unlimited calling to anywhere in North America for 19.95 and unlimited calling to Europe or Asia for only 29.95 a month.  Get ongoing special discounts during sign up with discount code cog-4timefreedom discounts and specials change often.

Opex Internet Voice, broad band phone service you don't just get incredible domestic and international rates you also get the most advanced set of features available from any provider of telephone service plans starting at 14.99 and unlimited calling for only 24.99 If you are looking for the best in customer service Opex is the provider for you.  They score A+ for rock solid customer service and that is our highest rating.  There are also no term commitments with Opex.

myPhoneCompany - One bill from one company with one low price for all your calls to anywhere in USA and Canada with lots of free features for only $19.99 and absolutely NO additional surcharges and NO EARLY TERMINATION FEES!

iConnectHere Broad Band Phone

iConnectHere - Starting at $15.99/month, the iConnectHere Broad Band Phone Service includes unlimited inbound calls with unlimited options from anywhere in the World!  International in bound numbers are available including UK, Israel and more.!  Service is available from any nation in the world.

Lingo The Talk of Broadband

Lingo VoIP Phone Service With Lingo's unlimited plan, you'll have everything you're used to with your current home phone system and a lot more. There's nothing to miss except for your large monthly phone bill. Sign up today and get one month free!  Lingo's unique value addition is Unlimited Calling not just to the US and Canada but many Western European Countries as well all for 19.95 a month.

Vonage The Broadband Phone Company

Vonage - Starting at only 14.95 for Regional Plans and only 29.99 for unlimited residential calling Vonage offers an extreme value in VoIP with rock solid dependability from the most popular VoIP provider on the market today.  Vonage blends top quality with value.


Voip.Net Broadband Phone Service - Voip.Net is a leader in the telecommunication sector that takes great pride in its innovative Broad Band Phone Solutions. Through the utilization of their own proprietary network infrastructure, they are able to provide some of the lowest monthly plans and international rates in the market.
Our Specific Recommendations For Out Top Four Picks
  • Our Number One Ranked Pick - Packet8 - Has the lowest unlimited calling plans available today for people that make a large volume of calls in the US and Canada and unlimited calling plans for Europe and Asia as well.  For low rate unlimited plans choose Packet8.

  • Our Number Two Ranked Pick - Opex  - Is more flexible then Packet8 with plans as low as 14.99 that includes 500 minutes of out bound calling.  For moderate use with full features Opex is the way to go or if you are looking for the best customer service on the planet Opex is certainly worth the slight increase in cost over Packet8 for unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

  • Our Number Three Ranked Pick - iConnectHere - has the best overall International rates always has and always will.  They match this with exceptional call quality beyond even most land line phones and have been in the business before most people even knew what broadband phone and VoIP were.  They are the best choice if you make a lot of international calls specifically if you make a lot of calls to a lot of different nations and never know which country you will be calling or how often.  They are also best for most users who live outside the US with International numbers available all over the world and the ability to ship equipment to you in just about any nation.

  • Our Number Four Ranked Pick - Lingo - has a very unique and specific value add for those who call countries in Western Europe.  If your monthly calling includes calls to UK, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Vatican City, Norway, Portugal, or Spain then Lingo is your best bet.

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