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VoIP Phone Services Can Help Stretch a Dollar.
By Jack Spirko 

Today just like always people are keeping an eye on the bottom dollar.  While job growth has been strong many Americans are earning less today then they were in 1999, gas prices are at an all time high and that is driving prices in general higher.  In fact the cost of just about everything is up.  You name it gas, dining out, electric bills, transportation costs and shipping charges just to name a few have all gone up.  Yet there is one particular place where prices are not going up they are dropping like a rock tied to an anchor. 

Where you ask?  In the local and long distance phone services world that is where.  I can hear you now saying, “not my phone bill, what is this guy talking about”?  Well hold on the key is knowing where to look.  For instance, did you know that if you have broadband internet access that you can get 19.95 unlimited calling for your local and long distance needs?   If this sounds like something you could use to trim your budget then you need to take the time to learn about VoIP Phone Services (also know and Broadband Telephone Services). 

With VoIP Phone Services you can get the best of price, features and call quality for a rate that won’t even buy basic local service from the typical local phone company let alone unlimited long distance, free voice mail, caller id and all the other cool features you can imagine.  If you make international calls then you can save even more money with international rates being about 60-80% lower with VoIP Phone Services then with conventional telephone providers.

The biggest reason that most people tend to shy away from VoIP Phone Services is that they are afraid that it is difficult to install, has poor quality or you need to use your PC to make phone calls.  None of this is the case with today’s modern service providers.  Today if you can open a box, plug in three cables and make a phone call you have all the technical knowledge needed to use VoIP Phone Services.  Again the only thing you really need is a cable modem or DSL Service and a router to use this service.  Most often if you have DSL or Cable Modem you also have a router if not you can buy one for well under 100 dollars.

So just how much can this service save the average consumer.  Well let’s say you have local and long distance service from you regional local phone company (like SBC, Verizon, Quest, etc) and that your bill including voicemail is 75 dollars with taxes and fees.  That is actually lower then the national average but let’s consider this service for the person who does not make much long distance to be conservative.  With VoIP Phone Service from a provider like Packet8 at $19.95 a month your annual savings would be about $660.00 a year.  To put it another way if you have the ability to use VoIP Phone Services and you don’t do it on average you are throwing away about $660.00 dollars a year that you could be keeping!

So what should you do to determine if Broadband Telephone is for you?  There are a few steps I recommend for anyone considering this service.

Step One – Read Getting the Most from Broadband Phone Services - to truly understand this service and its’ limits and the few things to be cautious with as you migrate to it.

Step Two – Visit our Compare Internet Phone Plans Page - We keep this updated with the latest guidance for choosing the right provider for your particular needs.

Step Three – Then and Only Then Order and Install Service – Once you do try it out for about a month with out canceling you conventional services.  Once you are happy and sure it is working the way you want it to you may consider stripping down or canceling your conventional service.

Great but what if you don’t have broadband internet access.  Don’t worry we still have a few options for you.  First you should know that if you know where to look conventional long distance is also at an all time low.  If you want to find great discount long distance rates, visit and in seconds you can search the 12 lowest cost providers.  If you are looking for unlimited calling you MAY be in an area where you can get competitive local phone services with unlimited calling check out to see if you can get this type of service.

If you have broadband internet though you can rest assured that VoIP will bring you the best combination of savings, features, quality and quality customer service.  Check out providers like Packet8, iConnectHere or Opex Internet Voice to save money and put that extra 600 dollars or more into your pocket instead of the phone company’s.

 - Jack Spirko  

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