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VoIP For Multiple Phones 
By Jack Spirko 

Get VoIP for Multipel Phones with cordless handsetsI get emails just about weekly that go something like this, "I just ordered Broadband phone service from and it is working great.  I have a question though, how can I use VoIP for multiple phones in my house.  I want a phone in my sitting room, my game room and one in the living room?  How do I do this and please understand I am not a techy at all"?

The most simple is to just use a cordless phone.  This works great for many people indeed I do it myself with the VoIP based phone I keep in my home office.  Adding a  line for only 19.95 from Packet8 was a simple solution for me when I work out of my home and want to keep business calls off my private line.  All I did was get a simple cordless phone, plug it into my Packet8 Adapter Box and now I can take my phone anywhere in the house.  

For a single person with one simple objective this is a great solution but it does have some limitations.  For instance if I go into another room I have to take my hand set with me and if left over night off of the base I end up with a dead battery.  Yet for me as the only user and a responsible user (unlike most teen age kids which many of our customer share a home with) it works fine for my need. 

I hear you though what you are looking to do is have one phone say downstairs and one up stairs and perhaps one in the kitchen.

Well there is simple & very low tech way to accomplish this.  All you need to purchase is a cordless phone with multiple handsets and like magic you end up with VoIP for multiple phones.  These cordless sets are generally well under 75 dollars, simple to set up and available just at just about any store that sells telephones.  

Multiple Handsets deliver VoIP to Multiple Locations Just a few days ago at Cosco I saw a cordless phone set with four handsets for $79.99.  All you do with this type of phone set is plug in the base unit to your broadband phone adapter.  You then put the extra handsets with their chargers at any location you want them in your home.  They communicate with the base unit and when someone calls you, you can answer at any location  or you can pick up any of them to make a call.  

They also offer a real advantage over conventional phones in that they only require power at the locations of the handsets so you can put your handsets anyplace you have an electrical plug and not worry about a phone jack at all. There are just a few things to be aware of in regard to multi handset cordless phones so I would like to provide a few words of advice about selecting one for this type of use.  

First if you have a wireless router in your house or plan to ever even some day possibly putting in a wireless network for computers in your home then make sure you buy a cordless set that operates at 5.8GHz (it will be printed on the phone and the box it comes in).  The reason for this caution is that some wireless network equipment operates at 2.4GHz as do some cordless phone set and if you put a cordless phone in your home at the same frequency you will often have interference between your wireless network and your phone.  

Second is if you are buying a multi hand set cordless phone get as many extra handsets as you need right away, in fact if you really should just buy one more then you need.  Why you ask?  Well, consider when you are purchasing a commodity product like a mass produced cordless phone that the Coscos, Megamarts and Circuit Cities of the world sell, you have no way of knowing  just how long that set is going to stay in production.  Anything you find on a department store shelf in the electronics world will constantly be replaced with new versions as manufactures strive to cut costs and provide better delivery.  So when you buy a particular cordless set today and decide next year you want to expand it, there is a pretty good likelihood that your model will be out of production.

VoIP on Multiple phones is easyOther then that just buy the set that you like best.  Many of them come with answering machines but of course you won't need one since just about any IP Provider worth having gives away free voice mail so don't pay extra for that feature.  Take a look at what is available and get the set that you like best, make sure it is a 5.8GHz set then just take it home, plug it in and in just a few minutes you can have your VoIP phone line in every room of your home.  

If you happen to still be looking for a broadband phone provider just visit our compare VoIP plans page on this website to see a comparison of the top providers available today and you to can have VoIP for multiple phones.  

- Jack Spirko

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