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Should I Get Broadband Phone Service?
By Tom Downs

As VoIP gains more press and continues to reach more consumers more and more people are asking the question "Should I Get Broadband Phone Service'?  What may seem on the surface to be a complex question can be answered by asking just a few more questions and then making an informed decision about whether VoIP services are for you.

Question One -  Do you have Cable Modem or DSL service or a T1 Line at your business?  If your answer is yes to this question you should continue to explore.  In the future a WiMax connection may serve just as well as that technology is deployed.  If you are on a dial up internet connection you should consider a service like Trinsic Unlimited Local Service for unlimited calling or perhaps 2Speak International Call Back Service.  Or just get the cheapest long distance service you can find.  If you have satellite broadband service while your connection is fast enough the distance that your signal has to travel to bounce off that satellite in outer space will make latency (delay in the conversation) a big issue.  

However if you have DSL, T1 or a Cable Modem then go on to question number two.

Question Two - Do you want lower cost telephone services with more features and unlimited calling areas that include the entire country and the ability to take your service with you where ever you go including any Hotel Room or Relatives house that has High Speed internet access?  In other words do you want to stop being ripped off by the big phone companies?

If you answered yes to both of those questions they you don't have to ask the question, "Should I Get Broadband Phone Service" because the answer is a resounding yes.  All you need to do next is pick a provider and understand the limits of the technology.  I have two resources I recommend you review to help you with that decision.

1.  Getting the Most From Broadband Phone Services

2.  The Compare VoIP Providers page on this website

The reality is that VoIP is truly the first wide open competition with no monopolistic intervention by the big carriers that has ever occurred in the US.  Which there has been some competition in the Local Services and Long Distance markets it is VoIP that has truly opened the market to real and fair competition and the consumer truly has the opportunity to benefit from it..  With a provider like Packet8 you can get 19.95 unlimited calling to the US and Canada with full features including voice mail, that alone should help you realize the only real question is do you have a broadband internet connection.  Not having DSL is the only good reason to not get VoIP.  

One last note if you are looking for DSL or Cable Modem Check out Shop For DSL they can quote you all the providers in your area in just seconds.


- Tom Downs
Independent Contributing Editor

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