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Internet Phone Broad Band Phone Service is Reaching More Users
By Mark Thompson 
ProvideTechnology, Staff Writer

Have you heard of something called Internet Phone?  Broad Band Phone Service?  How about VoIP?  If not chances are you have but you have blocked it out.  It seems a lot of self proclaimed "technophobes" are covering their ears and eyes in response to the continuing expansion of Broadband Phone Service offerings.  Honestly this is not much different then the initial response when the first dial up internet service was made main stream by folks like America Online and EarthLink and a lot of people said "who needs the internet".  Then came the DSL and Cable Modem revolution and again a lot of people held on to the past said with enthusiasm that dial up service was "good enough".

Today when you look around though it is clear that most homes have internet service and more then 50% of internet users are on some type of high speed connections.  This opens the doors to the next major impact of the that the internet will have on the world, Internet Phone.  Broad band connections were initially desired mostly for surfing and downloading speed but today an ever increasing number of users are turning to VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services to cut phone bills to almost nothing.

For instance users of Packet8 are able to get unlimited calling to the US and Canada for only 19.95 a month with some of the lowest international rates that have ever been offered by any type of service. To use a service like Packet8 the user simply plugs a simple adapter box into his high speed router and then any normal phone into the adapter.  This installation is so simple anyone who can plug in three wires and make a phone call can do it.

Even those who don't have access to broadband internet access can enjoy the savings afforded by VoIP technology.  One great option for this is called 2Speak2Speak users simply sign up for a free account and then when they need to make an international call they go online and log into their 2Speak account.  They enter the number they wish to call and a few moments later their phone will ring.  Once they pick it up their call is connected via the 2Speak VoIP network and they get rock bottom rates.

If you would like to drastically cut the cost of your telephone bill perhaps internet phone service is for you.  You can review the features of all the top VoIP Providers on our Compare Plans Page.

- Mark Thompson
 Staff Writer
ProvideTechnology, LLC

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