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VoIP Providers Offer Broad Phone Service Options
By Tom Downs 
Independent Contributor

Right now all the buzz about VoIP Broadband Phone Companies seems to be about cost and how many people are leaving conventional service providers to join the modern IP based world.  One thing that seems to be missed in the media and even in the marketing is the broad phone service options afforded by broadband telephone that only VoIP Providers can offer.  So just what types of options am I talking about?  Let's examine just a few.

First the ability to get multiple inbound numbers (the number people dial to reach you).  With this option companies can set up local numbers in major markets for their advertising efforts.  So the guy in Chicago responding to an ad can feel good about calling a Chicago number.  Research has shown that a local to the consumer phone number is more effective then even an 800 number.  Yet this is a practical feature for Joe Consumer as well.  Let's consider two scenarios for this use by the average person.

First let's set up an imaginary friend we will call him Tom, Tom lives in New York City and works hard at his job.  He doesn't get down to Miami Florida often to see his mother who retired there and is on a fixed income and counting every penny like most retired folks.  Tom wants his mom to call him and the grandkids any time she wants so with this feature Tom simply gets a number from his VoIP provider that is local for Miami Florida (with most providers an additional number is about 5 dollars a month).  Now Grandma can dial a local number, pays no long distance and she can call the grand kids every day if she wants.

Second lets really see just how far we can push these "broad phone service options" lets try from say San Francisco to Iraq now that is a push!  Now let's take a look at the situation of a solider we will call Debby.  Debby is in the Airforce and stationed in Iraq, she is fortunate to be at a location where high speed internet is available.  Debby had her husband Mike get broadband phone service and mail the equipment to her.  Mike got a local number for their duty station in North Carolina.  The service also came with unlimited calling to the United States.  This means for about 20 dollars a month Debby can call Mike and the kids every day and they can call her as often as they wish as well.

Consider that this is just one of the features that only a broadband phone company can provide you and you start to realize that while saving money is great the features are a big plus as well.  Some additional features that are not available on conventional lines or tend to cost extra while IP providers will give them to you free include.  Conference Calling (not just 3- way), Call Block, Caller ID Block, repute dialing (your phone keeps dialing for you until it reaches your party), enhanced voicemail at not extra charge and online call records in real time, virtual fax lines and do not disturb setting just to name a few.

So just what providers provide these almost magical broad phone service options.  Well it is generaly agreed by many industry experts that the six best providers available today to the residential consumer are Packet8, iConnectHere, Opex Internet Voice, Lingo, VoIP.Net and Vonage.  Each have unique calling plans and features.  You can get more advice on the Compare Plans Page at BroadBandPhoneServices.Com or contact their staff for assistance in choosing a provider.

-  Tom Downs 
Independent Contributor

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