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Broadband Internet Phone Calls Put Money Back Into The Family Budget
Jack Spirko

Today families all over are trying to cut expenses on just about everything.  Between rising gas prices, lower average wages and increasing energy bills it often seems that there is nothing that ever goes down in price.  However many people could cut their phone bills by more then 60% (which for many Americans is about 600 dollars a year more into their pockets) by using broadband internet phone calls.  A lot of people seem to think that this is some type of techy thing but the truth is you can make calls on your broadband internet connection with out touching your computer, while your computer is off, with no technical skills at all.

To make broadband internet phone calls you simply order service from a quality broadband phone service provider you will then receive your equipment in the mail.  You simply plug an adapter into a port on your DSL or Cable Modem Router and then you can plug any phone, (including cordless phones) into the adapter and then make phone calls like you normally would.

Not only will you get great rates but you will get all the normally expensive features at no additional cost.  For instance Packet8 provides you with local and long distance 19.95 unlimited calling for per month of service.  That is just the start though because if you name the feature  you get it at no additional charge with Packet8.  Voicemail, call waiting, three way calling, call blocking, etc are all included at no additional charges.  Packet8 also provides optional E911 service for less then 2 dollars a month if you want that option.  

International rates are also very low with broadband internet phone calls.  How low you ask?  Well let's start with free calls to Canada to begin with and free is pretty low.  Rates to the United Kingdom, France and Italy are all well under 4 cents a minute with most providers just to give you some additional examples.

If you are wondering if this service is right for you let me advise you of the following.  First you must have DSL or Cable Modem service to use this type of service if you do not then check out Discount Long Distance Service or Competitive Local Unlimited Calling as your best options.  If you do have broad band internet though the reality is if you don't check IP Phone out further you are probably giving away at least 600 bucks a year you could be keeping, spending on the kids or reducing debt with.

So if you have DSL take the next step and read our report Getting the Most From Broadband Phone Services to learn about the limitations and cautions to consider before you make broadband internet phone calls part of your household.  Once you do I think you will agree the only thing you have to loose is big bills from the phone company who would prefer that you just never learn about VoIP Services and in my experience when big companies don't want you to know about something there is a reason that seldom is in your best interest.  

~ Jack Spirko ~


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