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The Best VoIP Phone Companies Offer Unlimited Calling and Features

By Tom Downs 
ProvideTechnology, Contributing Writer

The Best VoIP Companies are at Broadband Phone ServicesThe Best VoIP Phone Companies today are offering far more then unlimited calling for under 20 bucks.  They are also including features that you have to dig deep into your wallet to acquire from conventional land line providers along with impressive perks in their quest to acquire their share of customers as more and more consumers move part or all of their calling over to IP Services.  In a recent review we found a few incentives and feature packages that may be of particular interest to those looking to find who the best VoIP Phone Companies really are.

First on our list is the relative new comer SunRocket which is currently the second fastest growing VoIP Provider behind only Vonage with good reason.  Not only does SunRocket include almost every single advanced calling feature available today they are also offering a few great perks.  Fist for clients that will pay for a full year of service up front they offer a substantial discount at $199.00 annually.  That comes out to only 17 dollars and change a month with is about the lowest rate for unlimited US calling available anywhere today.  Also at the time of this writing they are giving all new clients a free Uniden Multi Handset Cordless Phone with is great for VoIP on Multiple Phones with one connection.

Packet is amoung the best VoIP Phone Companies and offers Video ServiceNext is our staff personal favorite Packet8.  We really like Packet8 for their ease of installation, installing Packet8 is about as easy as anything can be in fact the call it "Grand Ma Friendly" Installation and that term is definitely accurate.  Open a box, plug in three cords and make a call to activate your service is all there is too it.  Top it off with 19.95 unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada, awesome international rates, 50 Dollars in Instant rebates and about every feature known to man and Packet8 continues to be our personal favorite among the best VoIP phone companies.  One last note for the person who really wants to experience the cutting edge hi tech world of the best VoIP phone companies Packet8 also offers Video Phone Service.

Another great IP Phone Company with unique features is Lingo by Primus.  Lingo has had their problems getting their customer service and call quality up to top notch but they seem to have at last gotten there.  To be fare all IP Phone companies seem to take a while to develop stable networks and great call quality.  We feel it was worth the wait with Lingo because they certainly deliver with their own unique value point.  Try this on for size a WHOPPING 26 calling features, 19.95 a month for unlimited calling to the US, Canada and a ton of western Europe Countries including UK, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Vatican City, Norway, Portugal, and Spain.  That's right free calling to Europe, that is a hard deal to beat.  Oh and of course they also give you the first month of service free.

Other great providers include MyPhoneCompany, FonVantage, VoIP.Net and iConnectHere.  With the current market new providers come out every day but our customers and staff seem to agree that at this time these seven companies certainly make the list of the ten best VoIP phone companies available today.

- Tom Downs
ProvideTechnology, LLC



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