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Can You Get 24.99 Unlimited Calling?  Even better Try $19.99 with Extensive Features

By Jim Davis 
ProvideTechnology, Investigative Reporter

In the mid 90ís consumers rejoiced as long distance rates tumbled from an average of 25 cents per minute to a national average of 7 cents with discount carriers pushing rates as low as 3.9 cents per minute. Today though a new chapter has been opened in telecommunications with unlimited long distance plans available from many companies via what has become to be known as Broad Band Phone Service. 

Recently I received an email asking if it was really possible to get 24.99 unlimited calling and my answer is sure if you have DSL or Cable Modem that is.  Better yet I can even show you how to get unlimited calling with voicemail and tons of features for even less.  Don't believe me?  Well these are new days and new times with new technologies that make those days of 5 cent long distance seem very far away.

With broadband telephone service you can indeed get 24.99 unlimited calling.  From where you ask well try internet phone service giant Vonage for starters.  With their premium unlimited service you can get unlimited calling, voice mail and 17 additional features for 24.99.  

Yet for those seeking the best available deal even with highly competitive pricing Vonage falls short because for a measly 19.95 you can get unlimited calling not just to the U.S. but to the U.S. and Canada with just as many features from Packet8.  So just how does Packet8 stack up to VonageIn my personal experience Packet8 is a better provider with better quality of service who costs less.

So why pick Vonage over Packet8? I really struggle to answer that question but in the world of VoIP there is always a particular group that will benefit more from one provider over the other.  In this case it will be those people that call Puerto Rico often.  Packet8 is going to hit you up for an extra 4 cents a minute with their 19.95 unlimited plan if you call Puerto Rico while Vonage Includes Puerto Rico in their unlimited calling area.  So if you are looking for the best deal and you make more then 125 minutes of calls to Puerto Rico a month then Vonage is for you otherwise keep the extra five bucks and go with Packe8.  Hey that's an extra 60 bucks a year just cause Old Jim dug a bit deeper to let you know the facts.

If you are not sure about Broadband Phone Services our staff has a great report available called Getting the Most from Broadband Phone Services that will give you all the advantages and limitations of VoIP and help you decide if this type of telephone service is right for you.

- Jim Davis
Investigative Reporter
ProvideTechnology, LLC

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