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Enjoy our VoIP Articles and Broadband Phone Services This is a growing broadband phone technical resource put together by the staff and affiliate contributing writers of VoIP Articles.  We also publish submissions by independent contributing writers on any subject that relates to Broadband Phone Services.  To submit articles send you submission in Microsoft Word format to  Not all submissions will be published.

VoIP is a great service and with your broadband connection you can reduce your expenses and enjoy added features that your conventional phone company could not provide to you at any price.  Yet Broad Band Phone Service is still new to many people so we have put together this collection to help you learn all about VoIP so you can determine what the right service for you is.

Unlike many of our competitors we feel an educated customer is the best type of customer to do business with.  We value our clients above all other things because in the words of our president -"the customer is the only thing that makes doing business possible".

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