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IP phone service prices continue to draw customers to broadband telephone providers.

IP phone service prices are definitely becoming common knowledge today and eroding business that has traditionally been ruled by AT&T, Verizon and other traditional carriers. As more customers of the traditional carriers move over to broadband telephone providers websites are becoming the main way consumers are learning about and purchasing VoIP Telephony.

Arlington, TX -- June 2004 -- a website run by ProvideTechnology, LLC is attracting a lot of new clients to their broadband telephone providers as IP phone service prices continue to drive new clients into the broadband telephone arena. The website located at is a growing warehouse of information on VoIP and a gateway to top providers of the new and exciting service.

Company president Jack Spirko commented, "We are extremely excited about the brisk pace of sales we are delivering to our broadband telephone providers, iConnectHere and Packet8. As more consumers learn about this technology (especially the quality of service) they want to give it a try. It is no small factor however, that IP phone service prices are much more competitive then the rates of traditional carriers and are not subject to many of the fees and taxes that add between 11-19% to typical phone bills".

The company currently offers services from two main providers but plans to add several others by years end. One provider is iConnectHere that offers plans starting at only 8.95 for unlimited incoming calls with many plans for domestic or international usage. More information about iConnectHere can be found at including options that include a free Grandstream Phone.

The other provider called Packet8 offers unlimited calling options with unlimited international calling as well. Plans available include unlimited calling to North America for 19.95, unlimited calling to North America and Western Europe OR Asia for 49.90 and even unlimited calling to North America, Europe AND Asia for only 79.90. More information on Packet8 at and customers can get five dollars of the cost of activation and a 30-day money back by using the company’s Packet8 Reseller Discount Code "telebay-jspirko".

For clients who simply want to learn more about how broadband phone service works the company provides an online report entitled "Getting the Most From Broadband Telephone Service", which describes the advantages, limitations and workings of VoIP service in plain English. This report is located at

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