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Unlimited VoIP Calling with Broadband Phone ServicesYou have reached the best site on the net to learn more about broadband phone services, also known as VoIP or Internet Telephony.  This technology is relatively new so we provide a special report entitled Getting the Most from Broadband Phone Services that will help you understand the benefits and limitations of Internet Telephony so you can determine the VoIP choices that are right for you.

We provide services from today's best VoIP Providers including...

  • Packet8 - Unlimited Calling for $19.95

  • iConnectHere - Plans Starting at only $8.95

  • SunRocket - A full Year for only $199.95

  • Opex Internet Voice - Plans starting at only $14.99

  • Vonage - The Most Popular Broad Band Phone Company in the world!

  • Lingo - Make Canada, The U.S. and Western Europe part of your local unlimited calling area.

  • FonVantage - Highest Call Quality in VoIP today.

  • ZeroCents - 29.99 Unlimited Calling With Out Broadband Internet Access

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Plus Additional Services such as...


We offer Broadband Phone Services with plans  that provide unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada for 19.95 from anywhere in the world and great calling plans for dialing to any international location including options with unlimited calling to Europe and Asia.

One of the best features of broadband phone services is they are not subject to the many of the taxes and fees of typical phone services that add 12-19% of additional charges to a typical bill. VoIP Service, Unlimited Calling Phone Services Read our Online VoIP Report for more information.

One of the most common questions we receive about broad band phone service is, "How is the call quality?", we are happy to say in a word excellent.  Yet we also believe that hearing is believing.  So if you want to experience a VoIP just pick up your phone and give us a call at 817-789-4293 and we will be happy to talk to you about VoIP choices on our personal IP line provided by Packet8.

VoIP and Internet Telephony News

  • Broadband phone companies are offering buyers major incentives.  More

  • Broadband Phone Services and ProvideTechnology have launched VoIP Hunt their latest website to help consumers with VoIP Choices.

  • New Options from Broadband Phone Companies are making VoIP a Mainstream Technology.  More

  • VoIP With Multiple Phones On One Connection is a common desire as Internet Telephony garners more use.  It has a very simple solution.

  • Broadband phone services now offers local phone service from Sage Telecom

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